Conbipel S.p.A. in A.S.

Call for Expression of Interest

The Extraordinary Commissioner of Conbipel S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration (“A.S.”) pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 270/1999, appointed by the Economic Development Decree of 9th February 2021, invites all interested parties to submit non-binding offers relating to Conbipel’s Business in entirety or part thereof.

Conbipel S.p.A is an Italian lifestyle brand established in 1958, retailing Apparel and Accessories through 190 stores within Italy (

Non-binding offers must be received no later than 12:00 pm, 25th May 2021 submitted to the certified email addresses and, having to, inter alia:

be written in Italian or English;

  1. providing clear identification of the bidder’s personal identity;
  2. indicating the perimeter of interest;
  • strategic initiatives and guidelines of the industrial business plan for the perimeter object of interest;
  1. indicating the appointed person to receive further communication on the Procedure.


To this extent, parties interested in exploring this opportunity can contact the Advisor appointed by the Procedure, Studio Ranalli and Associates of Turin, at the following address:

The Advisor will provide any necessary explanations on the Sale process and will transmit to the interested parties on 26th March 2021, together with the Information Memorandum, a “process letter” describing the phases, terms and timing of the process (the “Process“), along with the confidentiality agreement, expression of interest format and rules of the Virtual Data Room.

Once the above mentioned documents are signed and subject to the consent of the Extraordinary Commissioner who expressly reserves the right to evaluate the admissibility of any and all interested parties in this Process, the interested party will be provided access to the Virtual Data Room in order to perform the due diligence required to formulate their non-binding offer.

This announcement does not constitute a sale offer or a public offer pursuant to art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code or an invitation to offer or a solicitation of public savings pursuant to art. 94 and subsequent. of Legislative Decree n. 58 of 24 February 1998 and does not constitute an offer to sell financial instruments or a solicitation in the United States of America, nor in any other State.

The publication of this announcement and subsequent receipt of any non-binding offer does not entail any obligation for the Procedure towards interested parties who have submitted non-binding offers, nor any rights of the latter towards the Procedure in any capacity.

The announcement is governed by Italian law and any dispute relating to it shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Turin.

Cocconato, 8 March 2021



Cessione di azienda
Termini di deposito
no later than 12:00 pm, 25th May 2021
Modalità di deposito
Non-binding offers 12:00 pm, 25th May 2021 submitted to the certified email addresses and
Amministrazione straordinaria
Telefono del delegato
Studio Ranalli and Associates of Turin, at the following address: